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Karen Schuback started her career in the entertainment industry working in development.   However, realizing her passion lay in design at the time, Karen went on to a successful twenty-year career as a Design Director.

After retiring from design, Karen decided to dive back into her passion of becoming a filmmaker.  She has spent seven years studying acting and all aspects of film by working on over twenty independent films, industrial videos, and commercials.  By observing  the talents and soaking up the knowledge of veteran directors, cinematographers, writers, as well as  production designers, she has molded herself into a proficient filmmaker. “My natural instinct is to guide and nurture the creative process.  Working with a team of designers and creating a finished product from start to finish in my past career, has given me the stamina and the skill to execute all aspects of a film.”


Karen is a constant creative thinker with an appetite for innovation in filmmaking.  She is currently in development on two feature films " A GRAVEL ROAD" which has been optioned, and "Angel Mountain".  She has also just recently completed the short film "TO DYE FOR" a Romantic Comedy and in post production for the film "BECOMING LOLA" a feature film.

A GRAVEL ROAD - Feature Film


TO DYE FOR - Short


Denice Riddle - Producer

"Karen Schuback is a beautiful talented force to be reckoned with and it was an amazing experience to make a film with her."

Michael Regala - Cinesthesia Films

"Thank *you* Karen for making a kick ass experience shooting with this crew!   You guys are spoiling me for working with other crews."

Cliff Davis - Cinematographer

"Karen, your direction and openness, and your overall wonderful presence, along with this heartfelt project invigorated me. I had so much fun and fulfillment working with you."

Erika Lewis - Mother of Star Actor

"Thank you for making the filming of your movie a great experience for all of us. You and your crew knocked it out like true professionals, so welcoming, organized, and on top of things."

Jillian Stuart - Actor

"Karen, I really loved how you stayed so positive and kept the energy alive while directing, despite the long day, thank you."

Peter Scaletta - Composer

Karen, It has really been a pleasure working with you.  I'm really happy about how the Gravel Road trailer turned out.   You are a force."

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Karen Schuback